227 : Miss Iris & Miss Black Mamba - damned Fiat Punto !!

Miss Iris, dressed with a black top, black skirt and black dr Martens, and Miss Black Mamba, wearing a green dress and Converse, are trying to help Miss Vicky ... her puppy seems to have serious health problems so they offered to go to the vet with the little dog and see what is going on.

The girl seems scared, so they need to rush to the animal hospital!
They take the old black Punto and hope for it to start immediately, but it's the Punto engine, so do you think it will?

Miss Black Mamba decides to be the driver for this trip, while Miss Iris is doing the passenger/navigator... But first they have to start the car!
Miss Black Mamba turns the key and she starts pumping the gas hard immediately, cause she hear that the car doesn't give any sign of life.

They are trying to not panic, cause the more they try to start the car, the less noises the engine does, and they desperately need to go to the doctor!

When Miss Iris tries to start the car, it seems that she made it, but the engine seems flooded... It shakes the car and does some noises, but then it stalls!

She pumps the pedal hard while Black Mamba starts kicking the doors and the car itself by how they are frustrated...
At the end they are so angry at the car that they get out form it and start kicking all the outside!

It is also leaking some fluid but they don't know what is that...
Why the cars never work with them?!?
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