Python Automated Strategy 2.0 Master Pack

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The fast growing Python Automated Strategy software in its pumped up Master 2.0 version.

You get all the following basic functionalities of the software included in the Standard Pack :

  • Running schedule

  • Martingale if loss

  • Martingale loss limit

  • SmartForecast

  • Profit stop

  • Number of trades per session

  • Profit per trade

  • Currency pairs

  • Expiry

  • Multitrade

All the parameters have default values which can be left as is for maximum efficiency.

On top of the default functionalities, you get the latest version of SmartForecast.

SmartForecast is the core of the app, it is the brain and heart of the program that contains the signal algorithm. The Master Pack includes version 2.5 of SmartForecast, which dramatically increases the program performance overall. The average ITM ratio for the Master Pack is 87.85%, while some sessions of 10 trades with Master Pack return 100% ITM.

Software edited by MarceloPagnol
Read instructions in package for more info.
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