IT 242 Week 8 Individual: Using the Netcraft Toolbar

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 IT 242 Week 8 Individual: Using the Netcraft Toolbar

Complete Lab 6-1, “Using the Netcraft Toolbar,” in Network Technology Associate: Student Guide.

Complete the linked worksheet, “Using the Netcraft Toolbar.”

Submit your worksheet using the Assignment Files tab.

Using the Netcraft Toolbar Worksheet


Complete Lab 6-1 in Network Technology Associate, and then answer the following questions:





Suppose you receive an e-mail message from what appears to be your credit card company. You are prompted to click a link called Billing Center, and when you do, you are routed to a web page that asks for your credit card number, personal identification number (PIN), Social Security number and bank account number. How can you ensure that the web page is legitimate and avoid becoming the victim of a phisher’s scheme to commit identity theft?






What are the typical network security threats?






What is a social engineering attack and how can you recognize it?






What are the attacks that may be used to steal your identity? How can you protect against them? Use information from Lab 6–1 to discuss these questions.






What hardware devices are used to protect a trusted network that is connected to the Internet?






How does a proxy server help to secure a trusted network?






This lab demonstrated how you can use the Netcraft Toolbar to be forewarned and submit a report about possible phishing URLs. Did you find this antiphishing device useful?
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