FIN 575 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Project Plan Overview

Read the Case Study: Pontrelli Recycling, Inc. in Ch. 7 of the Project Management and Accounting text

Prepare no more than a 2,800-word Project Plan Overview of the Pontrelli case. Assume the high level cost estimate for the project is $8.8 million.

Include the following:

• What are the strengths and weaknesses of debt and equity financing? Discuss possible sources of debt financing. Propose a strategy for Pontrelli to obtain project financing.
• Compare and contrast EVA and MVA. Define WACC. How is WACC calculated? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Why is understanding WACC important? Calculate project viability, using the profitability index. Propose an alternate capital structure for Pontrelli. Develop an alternate project budget. What are the constraints? Create an alternate plan to manage the project budget. Using Exhibit 7.8 as a template.

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