Case Project 3-3: Paint Calculator App  Solution.ZIP

Case Project 3-3: Paint Calculator App Solution

Complete Case Project 3-3: Paint Calculator App on page 126 of your textbook.

Requirements Document

Application title: Paint Calculator App

Purpose:            The paint section of a large home store wants to provide a paint calculator app to calculate the number of gallons needed to paint a room. The amount of paint in gallons is displayed.

Algorithms:          1. The app displays a title; an image; two Text Fields; and Spinner, Button, and TextView controls. The Spinner control shows five colors of paint for selection. The user enters the room's height in feet and the distance in feet around the room.

                             2. The color and the exact number of gallons in decimal form are displayed.

Conditions:           A gallon is needed for every 250 square feet for a single coat of paint.

                             Display the result rounded to two decimal places.

                             Select five names for paint for the Spinner control.

                             Use a theme, Spinner prompt, string array, and hint property.

Submit:                 A .zip file containing your completed project.

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