119 : Miss Iris spinning the wheels of the old Fiat Panda

Miss Iris is driving in the countryside. She wears a black skirt and clogs. She fell in love
with this day, the colours of the sky and all the various smells of her

She sees a beautiful hill made by only grass and land, and she wants to
go on the top of it to have a better view of this great sky.

She revs the engine a bit to heat it, and she is ready to fight against the hill to climb up!
She puts the first gear, presses the accelerator while releasing slowly the clutch... and the battle begins!

At first the Panda seems to have enough power to climb the hill, but then Iris realises that the ground is slippery...

Indeed the little Panda has some troubles at climbing the hill!

But Iris, who wants to see the view up there, continues pressing the
pedals and tries all the methods to make the Panda climb that hill...
This video contains some closeup scenes of Iris feet pressing the pedal
while trying to go on the top of it!

The silence of the countryside is broken by the roar of the little
engine of the Panda and the smell of burning tires, such a symphonic

Will she make it?
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