Micah Global Consultation: Integral mission and Shalom (Text and PDF slideshows, English)

Materials and presentations from the sixth Micah Global Consultation - Integral Mission & Shalom: justice, peace, joy

  • Text and slide shows of plenary talks and daily devotions
  • Participants' Handbook, full of details about Micah, the Consultation, speakers, and events
  • Articles, case studies, stories submitted in response to the event theme.
  • Posters and artwork
  • PDF files of all the presentations from plenaries and workshops
  • Summaries of Micah's activities from national co-ordinators in 20 countries
  • Associated resources and manuals from Micah members

Micah is a global Christian community of organizations and individuals drawn together by their passion for and commitment to integral mission. Our sixth Micah Global Consultation was held from the 14th to 18th September, in Lima, Peru, bringing together some 350 thinkers, leaders and activists from 63 countries.
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