Psychology refers to the study of thought processes, human behavior, and emotions. Its study is important as it enables us to better our understanding of ourselves and how we relate to other people. The use of psychological theories and findings to help stimulate evidence-based individual and community health is what is referred to as health psychology. For this to be done, psychologists have to put into consideration the various contexts of in people’s lives. According to Friedman et al. (2010), Psychologists study the sets of beliefs and behavior patterns which are a risk a risk factor for illnesses and diseases whose knowledge is important in the public health domain. Human beings come from diverse cultures and hold various beliefs which are valued more in some cultural backgrounds than this case, therefore, some people have placed at a greater risk of illnesses than others and its due to this that the knowledge of sociology is essential. Apart from sociology, as an elaboration, some knowledge of biomedical sciences is also required to understand 
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