HSM 260 Week 2 Personal Balance Statement

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HSM 260 Week 2 Personal Balance Statement Read the background information provided in Appendix B. Complete the personal balance statement template provided in Appendix C based on your understanding of the information in Appendix B. Post your Appendix C as a Microsoft® Excel attachment.   ASSOCIATE LEVEL MATERIAL: APPENDIX C         INDIVIDUAL   STATEMENT OF EARNINGS     2015         Revenue       Wages       Interest           Total Revenue           Expenses         Rent or Mortgage         Utilities         Fuel         Phone         Food         Other           Total Expenses           Excess revenues of expenses                 BALANCE SHEET       ASSETS       Current assets         Cash         Investments         Prepaid rent and deposits       Total Current Assets             Property and equipment, net         House (if owned)         Furniture         Auto (if owned)       Total property and equipment           TOTAL ASSETS           LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS           LIABILITIES       Current liabilities         Credit Card Balance       Total current liabilities             School Loan       House Loan       Car Loan           Total liabilities           NET ASSETS       Equity           TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
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