Feng Shui Now eGuide - Mapping Out Your Home for Harmony and Success

We all strive for less stress, more harmony in our day-to-day living, and keep reaching for our goals and dreams. This concise eGuide is a practical, down-to-earth, instructional workbook style guide, that will demonstrate how to map out your home according to the 9 energy centers of Feng Shui (called the Bagua Map) and how to make positive changes to bring about success in each area including: Career, Relationships, Fame, Family, Wealth, Helpful People & Travel, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, and Health. You will begin to view your home/office differently and gain a deeper understanding of your space, what it says about your life or work, and then how to effectively make changes to cultivate success and really get things moving.

Like no other resource out there, the multiple floorplan samples of different shaped scenarios will demonstrate in a clear way how to lay out the Bagua Map onto your own home or office. In mere moments you'll achieve a great deal of newfound awareness of your life, as well as hands-on practical know-how to put Feng Shui ideas into action. Written by Certified Feng Shui consultant Heather I. Melcer in user-friendly language for both the Feng Shui beginner and the long time enthusiast, this information can be applied to any type, style or size of space, from one-room studios to multi-bedroom mansions and everything in-between. This is the "quick-start," yet truly comprehensive, manual of how to "plug-in" everything and get up and running enjoying many benefits of Feng Shui in no time at all.


HOME SWEET HOME - Welcome & Introduction
THE BAGUA MAP - The 9 Areas of Your Home & Their Meanings
FLOORPLAN SAMPLES - Mapping Your Home: A Dozen Examples
OPEN YOUR EYES - Truly Seeing Your Home
MAKING CHANGES - Ideas & Inspiration of What Goes Where
ANALYSIS & SUCCESS - Results & A Few Final Thoughts

36 pgs. in PDF file format.
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