AED222-CheckPoint-Final-Project-Matrix week 3

Below average grades in at least one learning discipline
Below average grades;

Lack of focus/disinterested;

Unable to understand;

Poor interaction with others;

Lacks drive
1 out of 25 students in 2006 or 2.58 million or 5.24% of school age children in the U.S.
Hired agency responsibility (different location);

In-school education
Well below average grades in multiple learning disciplines;

Shortfall adjustment activity





IQ below average;

Trouble learning adjustment strategies that arise during maturation years;

Issues severely affect education;

Trouble focusing;

Academic grades well below average;

Trouble remembering
2004-05 statistics:

555,000 in USA. Of this number 70-85% where non-severe disabilities
Hired agency responsibility (different location);

Student teaching;

Classroom learning
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