Acc440 Advanced Financial Accounting: P2-1 Phillips Company and Solina Company

Acc440 Advanced Financial Accounting
PROBLEM 2-1 Consolidation
Condensed balance sheets for Phillips Company and Solina Company on January 1, 2010, are as follows: Phillips Solina
Current assets 180,000 85,000
Plant and equipment (net) 450,000 140,000
Total assets 630,000 225,000
Total liabilities 95,000 35,000
Common stock, $10 par value 350,000 160,000
Other contributed capital 125,000 53,000
Retained earnings (deficit) 60,000 (23,000)
Total liabilities and equities 630,000 225,000

On January 1, 2007, the stockholders of Phillips and Solina agreed to a consolidation. Because FASB requires that one party be recognized as the acquirer and the other as the acquiree, it was agreed that Phillips was acquiring Solina. Phillips agreed to issue 20,000 shares of its $10 par stock to acquire all the net assets of Solina at a time when the fair value of Phillips’ common stock was $15 per share. On the date of consolidation, the fair values of Solina’s current assets and liabilities were equal to their book values. The fair value of plant and equipment was, however, $150,000. Phillips will incur $20,000 of direct acquisition costs and $6,000 in stock issue costs.

Required: Prepare the journal entries on the books of Phillips to record the acquisition of Solina Company’s net assets.
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