Tiffanee Marie's Extreme Short Boys Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Tiffanee Marie is a popular alternative model who decided that it was time to change her hairstyle again. This time opting for the most extreme hairstyle for her yet - an extreme short back and sides schoolboy cut. Some say that this hairstyle could also be referred to as rockabilly or mod. In any case, Tiffanee Marie totally rocks the resulting style. After spending about 16 minutes in the vintage barber chair, talking about her hair as a youth to now, Tiffanee Marie is caped with a metallic blue vinyl cape and has a neck strip wrapped around her neck. The stylist, James William, sections her hair, clicks on the pink Oster clippers, and begins an undercut on Tiffanee Marie's right side, revealing her leopard-print tattoo. "I love the feeling of that," says Tiffanee Marie when the clippers are turned off for a few seconds. "The buzzers are my favorite thing." She is dusted with a hair duster and a little portable clippers eats away at the stubble. The other side of her head is treated with the same care: Oster clippers and then the portable clippers. Her back of the head is removed from the top down, followed by the little clippers and the duster. Tiffanee Marie's head is wet down and the hot lather applied. The only hair left on Tiffanee Marie's head is on the top of her head. A double-bladed safety razor is used to shave the freshly clippered areas of Tiffanee Marie's head. After her head has been shaved smooth, Tiffanee Marie plays with her hair and talks about how she is going to style it. Duration 70 minutes, screen size 720 x 480, format .wmv
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