189 : Miss Iris and Miss Black Mamba destroy the Lancia Prisma

Miss Iris wants to destroy this old Lancia Prisma, but she needs to wait for her helper. While waiting, she stomps and jump on the car to workout her legs! (see previous video code 188 Miss Iris jumping and stomping on the hood and roof of the Lancia Prisma)

Her helper finally arrives, after she made a lot of exterior damages to the car... and her name is Miss Black Mamba!

She is dressed in total black too, just to match her friend Iris. They start with piking their desired tool: the hammer!

While Iris explain to Black Mamba how beautiful the car is, they start the destruction by demolishing the doors of the car! They try to completely turn the doors 180 degrees!  

And with some kicking and pushing they make it! And then they move to the "big stuff": the hammer!  

They start hammering all the car, starting from the headlights, and moving to the back killing the windscreens and all the sides!   They use a lot of force with those hammers, they really hate that car!

They then destroy all the interiors and the windows of the whole car, with a great satisfaction after every break!

Plus they decided to not rev the engine, cause it left them stranded so many times, and instead punish it by hammering it directly!

How will the car be after all this destruction?
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