Episode 506: UP Adventure

"I ain't ascared of nuthin'" If you’re looking for a land of adventure, you don’t have to look far because we’ve got it right here in Michigan. And not only is it easy to get to … it’s even easier to spell. That’s right ... it’s time for another one of our incredible UTR UP Aventures, where we head north to show you why our state’s upper half is a place you just have to visit. The first part of our odyssey takes us all the way to the top of the mighty Mackinac Bridge (don't look down). Then we eat with an army of Antlers and fall in love with Tahquamenon. Well even visit a ranch you’ll ‘bear’ly believe, and prepare pasties like pros. Five awesome reasons why our incredible upper peninsula is the place to be … and Under The Radar Michigan is the show to watch.
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