Revit Complete Cabinetry System : Kitchen-1

A complete cabinetry solution in a single curtain wall panel :

  • Ideal for quick and easy to modify sketch designs and even full documentation

  • Infinite design possibilities within the Revit curtain wall system

  • Easy to use from right within Revit with no plugins necessary

  • Arguably the fastest and simplest way to sketch and modify cabinetry

  • Model most kitchen styles, wall units, bathroom & bedroom cupboards, vanities, workstations, desks etc

  • Fully parametric and very easy to flex and modify

  • Behaves the same as any Revit curtain wall and can be embedded within other walls

  • Can be scheduled using unique 'Identity Data' like any other curtain wall panel, simply re-name the schedule to read as a casework schedule

  • Compatible with Revit 2017 and up.

(Watch this space for future updates & improvements)
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