BADM 3113 Business Communication

BADM 3113 Business Communication

BADM 3113 Business Communication


Topic is how college students should be able to graduate with little to no debt

You are being tasked with writing and presenting a persuasive argument.  In business, we are often required to sell an idea to someone or a group of people.  This exercise is a small practice of the technique.

Three references may be web sites.  One of the references must be a book and one must be a periodical or journal.  The 6th reference is your choice, but may NOT be from the internet.

Topics need to be approved by the instructor. 


· The report must be prepared in Word using MLA format.  

· Use font size 12 (Times Roman or Arial).

· The body (text) of the report should be at least 5 full pages of text and no more than 6 pages of text.  (The title page and reference page are not considered part of the text.)

· Double-space the report, indent the paragraphs 5 spaces, and number the pages.  Do not leave additional lines between paragraphs.

· Include a title page.

Sources (at least 6 different ones) MUST be documented within the text using MLA formatting and then properly entered into a reference page, which is the last page of the report.  Not all sources should come from the Internet.   Library sources can even be accessed online through  You may contact the library if you need help locating these sources.

· Be sure to include at least 6 sources on the reference page.  Web addresses alone are not considered complete sources. 

· Research papers should be written in the third person case; do not use first person pronouns, such as “I” or “me.”

Please note:  You must have some type of internal documentation within the report.   The report should be largely a report about your research put into your own words.  The paper should not be merely extractions from various sources.  If you do not document your sources, your paper will not be graded, may be returned to you, and you will need to resubmit it with a substantial penalty.  PLEASE NOTE:  ONCE AGAIN, PAPERS WILL NOT BE GRADED UNLESS YOUR SOURCES ARE DOCUMENTED WITHIN THE TEXT, BECAUSE WHEN SOURCES ARE NOT DOCUMENTED, THE REPORTS CAN BE CONSIDERED AS PLAGIARISM.

For the presentation, you’ll need to create a Powerpoint slideshow and then video yourself giving the presentation. I need to be able to see you and your Powerpoint slideshow. I know this is going to take some work and creative effort, but it is doable. Your presentation should be 6-7 minutes (no more than 8) in length. Since you are videoing yourself and are able to reshoot it if necessary, you should hit this mark with ease. The system will not accept some files when they are extremely large. For this reason, you will have to post your video presentation to Youtube, or some other accessible place, and then post the link to the video on the discussion forum provided. Your PPT slideshow length is up to you. You just need enough slides to make your presentation interesting, but not so many that you can’t get it all presented. Since the PPTs are part of your presentation, you will need to submit that file as well.
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