Kundalini Yoga | Celestial Communication

Experience the Greatest Wonder of Celestial Communication.
It is a healing, bringing mental intelligence and creativity by uplifting the soul and the flow of ones spirit.

Celestial Communication works on the upper triangle - the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th chakras. The movement of the arms also affects and opens the heart,
magnifying your subtle and radiant bodies.
By strengthening the aura.

The movement or Mudras done in Celestial Communications increases your prana "Your vital energy"
By experiencing this deep relaxation, anxiety and stress subsides, and your creativity will flow...
In this Video find a quite space to sit, follow the movements.
The movement is:
as You reach up you are reaching up tapping into Universal energy (Inhale)
as You bring the hands down to the heart You are bringing that energy to You (exhale)
You then give this loving energy out to the World (inhale)
then open the arms to receive Universal Love to You (exhale)
and repeat.
Close Your eyes and go with the flow. let the music vibrate within You
by using the breath, breathing through the nose and out through the nose.
Loving Kindness
Sat Nam
Siri Atma Kaur....
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