Linde Electric Stacking Truck Type 379: L10, L12 Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Electric Stacking Truck Type 379.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

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Format: PDF, 104 Pages
Language: English


L 10 / L 12 - Type 379 electric stacker truck
Traction motor
    Technical specifications traction motor (up to 05/03) . .
    Technical specifications traction motor (as of 06/03) . .
Drive - Transmission
    Technical description of the HFD 80
    Technical characteristics
    Name plate
    Characteristics of name plates
    Changes to the reducing gear
    Drive belt
    Identification of Hutchinson belt
    Fitting the belt
    Checking the tension, Continental belt
    Braking control
    Checking the braking
    Adjusting the brake control lever
    Adjusting the tiller base microswitch
    Adjusting the position of the cam
    Replacing the lever and the spring
    Drum brake
    Checking the condition of the brake linings
    Replacing the brake shoes
    Replacing the entrance seal
    Repairing the bottom part
    Replacing the drive unit pivot
Steering and wheels (see manual chapter 2)
Controls (see manual chapter 2)
Electrical equipment
    Presentation of the LDC controller
    Description of the LDC controller
    Operation of the truck
    Location of contactor panel components ( up to 10/03 )
    Location of contactor panel components (as of 11/03)
    LDC drive controller
    Supply to 1A1 logic circuit
    Actuation of the direction-of-travel switches
    Tiller in vertical position - Reduced LDC pulsations . . .
    Tiller in operating position - Maximum LDC pulsations -
    Checking the pulses
    Accelerator potentiometer
    Speed transducer
    Checking and settings of the speeds
    Tiller rear safety control
    Safety check
    Controller temperature check
    Power circuit
    Electric braking by reversing direction of travel
    LBC braking (L12 only)
    Checking the motor current
    Adjustments to currents
    Fault-finding with the Linde Test Module or the PC
    Checking the operation of the LDC controller
    HF 24V 30A inbuilt charger up to 06/2000 (see chapter 2)
    HF 24V 30A inbuilt charger as of 07/2000
    General information
    Conditions of use
    Charge curves
    Charger signalling
    Protection and safety devices
    List of errors
    Electrical diagrams
    Electrical diagram L10 Premier
    Electrical diagram L10-12 up to serial no. 379R03973
    Electrical diagram L10-12 as of serial no. 379R03974
Hydraulic unit
    Hydraulic diagram L10-12 up to serial no. 379R03973
    Operating logic
    Operating principle
    Control valve L10-12 up to serial no. 379R03973
    Control valve L10-12 as of serial no. 379R03974
    Location of the new components
    Operating principle
    Hydraulic diagram
    Easylift card
    Operation and safety of the Easylift card
    Error codes
    Calibration of the control potentiometer
    Hydraulic diagram L10 Premier
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