Q.3.1 Post Discussion- Building Community Capacity.DOCX

Q.3.1 Post Discussion- Building Community Capacity

Responding to community health needs is a complex yet meaningful process toward lasting health behavior change. This week, you are learning the importance of building community capacity as a means for empowering populations to respond effectively to health issues over time. For this discussion, you will apply a few of the basic steps of community building to a health issue facing your community.

  1. Recognize the Issue: Identify and describe a public health issue in your community. What is the public health problem? Describe it using epidemiological data. How does it impact your community?

  2. Gain Entry: Identify at least 3 the gatekeepers or stakeholders in the community. Briefly explain their importance and contributions toward community- buy to changes in health behavior.

  3. Assessing the Community: Briefly describe how you would complete a needs assessment for the chosen community. What information do you hope to gain access to and why?

The development of substantive posts will include complete answers to the questions posed, reflective and analytical thought, and the inclusion of APA formatted reference citations in the body of the post.


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