Homebuilding & Renovating - THE ULTIMATE HOUSE DESIGN GUIDE


Should you appoint an architect, architectural technician, house
designer or package company to design your house? We look at
the main options for this crucial step in your self-build project

we have never had such a rich choice of architectural styles, materials and design routes to choose from. Inside this free 68-page magazine you’ll find design advice to get you started, whatever your project or budget.
If you’re interested in finding out aboutthe growing trend of designing with the local vernacular in mind, then take a look at our inspiring article ‘How to Build in Context’ on page 28. And be sure to take a look at ‘How to Write a Brief for Your Architect’ on page 12 —
it’ll help you get the most out of every pound you allocate to the design process. Once
you’ve decided on a design approach, head to homebuilding.co.uk for more in-depth advice on every aspect of your project
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