SEA / OCEAN WAVES - Royalty Free Nature Background Sounds

5 OCEAN WAVES loops, recorded at the beach of Australian east coast. Useful for relaxation music, movies, games, film, music, background and soundscape tracks and web, documentary, intro, credits, and any other media requiring High Quality recordings of the ocean waves.

Featuring close up recordings, sound of the waves in distance, gentle and peaceful, as well as disturbed water crashing against the shore rocks.

Included in this Sound Pack are:

  • SEA_OCEAN_Waves_Calm_Closeup_Nature_LOOP (0:36)

  • SEA_OCEAN_Waves_Calm-Nature_LOOP (0:22)

  • SEA_OCEAN_Waves_Closeup_Nature_LOOP (0:33)

  • SEA_OCEAN_Waves_Distant_Beach-Nature_LOOP (1:00)

  • SEA_OCEAN_Waves_Distant-Nature_LOOP (1:12)

Please note that the audio preview is just a mashup of the included sounds where each sound goes for only a few seconds. The download includes all of the sounds in their full length!

So, if you are looking for Super-High-Quality background SFX of OCEAN/SEA WAVES, look no further!

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