MGT 401 Week 5 Discussion 1

Although organizations regularly train their employees on safety and hazardous materials, the chaotic nature of a sudden emergency situation leaves many people at a loss of what to do. An incident command system that identifies specific personnel in specific positions provides a basis where everyone knows exactly where they need to go and what they need to do in an emergency. As stated in the text “Using the ICS is required when an emergency response to a hazardous materials release occurs. As we know, the system promotes a safe operation by tracking personnel, limiting freelancing, ensuring a manageable chain of command, providing one plan of attack, and ensuring consistency in the communication systems used at the site” (Gantt, 2012, p 430). The key to a good incident command system is an incident commander. The incident commander ensures everyone is following protocol. In my unit, personnel have predetermined positions in an emergency. Personnel not assigned a position are directed to a specific rally point to make it easier for accountability purposes. The incident commander has received specialized training in the steps to take in case of an emergency
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