Wig Play with Bald Headed Woman Pistol Vegas

After Pistol Vegas' head shave, Pistol decides to pick out some wigs at the Variety Beauty Supply in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Pistol is a model and being able to have several looks is essential. The Variety Beauty Supply store is known for their huge selection of affordable wigs. During the video, you'll hear the typical noises of any mall: people chattering, music, and items and people moving around. Inside the store, Pistol tries on a total of eight wigs, from a blond bob to long black wig with purple highlights. Pistols learn that when trying on wigs, a plastic cap must be worn for sanitary and health reasons. With this video, we hope to show women that wigs can be a wonderful accessory to any wardrobe and that you don't have to pay a fortune for a wig that looks real and attractive. The wig that Pistol chooses at the end looks stunning on her and had a price of $30.00 or so. Duration 12 minutes, screen size: 640x480, format .wmv
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