BUS600 Management Communications Week 4 Discussion 2 (1)

The question of a person’s ability to listen is a tricky one. I think that most people think or at least strive to be good listeners. However as we are all aware the ability to listen is only as good as the one communicating the message.“In truth, listening varies according to the content of a message and the context in which that message is delivered” (Baack, 2012, Ch. 6.1). Listening can be hindered from an innumerable amount of things, ranging from a distraction to the attitude of the speaker or listener.   

Fortunately, Listening is something that can be improved upon. Organizations can provide training on how to become a better listener. These techniques can range from showing employees how to prepare to listen to offering instruction on how to summarize the message intended.  However, I think the greatest tool to instructing employees to be effective listeners is to lead by example.  As a manager if you become a better listener your employees will be better listeners. They will learn from your example
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