Continents 3 Part Cards & Continent Colouring Pages

ontinents 3 Part Cards & Continent Colouring Pages

This is a set of 3 Part Cards featuring the continents, that are colour coded to match the Montessori Puzzle and Pin Maps.

3 part cards are an introduction to new language, and isolate the individual features of the topic you are exploring.

This is a wonderful activity to add to your home/ school geography study in any environment. The simple colour coding helps your child to focus on the shape and location of the continent in relation to the rest of the globe. It clearly defines land from water.

A labelled full page black line image of each continent is included for colouring and naming. 

Your child can start by working with the 3 part cards, and then move on to the colouring pages. These cards are wonderful to accompany your globe and maps. Look for our other geography listings to check out the full line of maps and materials that we offer for continent study.

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