December 1-7 Meal Plan & Dollar a Day Training Workouts

About this week's meal plan:

-New designed meal plan that is geared towards fat loss, which is reflected in the choice and amounts of calories and carbohydrates specifically.

-Meals are delicious and simple! Two of my favorite meals this week: Santa Fe Turkey Lettuce wraps (reuse that Thanksgiving meal) and a lemon blueberry mug cake!

-Macros are completely adjustable if desired as all nutrition info is given for each meal

About this week's workouts:

-The week's worth of dollar a day training workouts include:

1) Legs (Quad Emphasis) & Calves Circuit

2) Back, Arms, Abs & Cardio

3) Chest, Shoulders & Cardio

4) Legs (Hamstring Empahsis), Glutes & Abs

5) Shoulders, Triceps & Calves

-An all new schedule designed to force the body to adapt and work harder with integrated cardio =calorie burning = results

-All workouts have specified sets, reps, and weights as well as my personal training tips!
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