Mitsubishi Electric Forklift Truck FB25CN, FB25N, FB30CN, FB30N, FB35N Operating Instructions

Original Illustrated Factory Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Mitsubishi Electric Forklift Truck FB-Series.

Original factory manuals for Mitsubishi Lift Trucks contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, without restrictions, contains Searchable Text and bookmarks

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 172 Pages
Language: English
    1 Foreword
    2 How to read this manual
        2.1 Safety-related signs
        2.2 Symbols and abbreviations
        2.2.1 Safety symbols
    3 Safety instructions
        3.1 Safety requirements for industrial trucks
        3.2 Electromagnetic compatibility
        3.3 Non-ionizing radiation
        3.4 Noise
        3.5 Vibration
        3.6 Instructions for site supervision
        3.7 Occupational safety
        3.8 Requirements for the truck operator
        3.9 Emergency procedures
        3.10 Stability
        3.10.1 Center of gravity
        3.10.2 Capacity of the lift truck
        3.11 Work at dangerous premises
        3.12 Repairs and structural modifications
        3.13 Overhead guard and load support
    4 Operating environment
        4.1 Prohibited usage
        4.2 Free space
        4.3 Lighting
        4.4 Bearing capacity of the floor
        4.5 Use of elevators
        4.6 Driveways
        4.7 How to operate the truck on ramps
        4.8 How to operate the truck on loading bridges
        4.9 Wind forces
    5 General information
        5.1 Truck
        5.1.1 Intended use
        5.1.2 Delivery
        5.2 Identification plates on the truck
        5.3 Overview of the truck
        5.3.1 Operating devices
        5.3.2 Control panel
        5.3.3 Steering wheel
        5.3.4 Arm rest
        5.3.5 Manual levers
        5.3.6 Side control panel
        5.3.7 Display panel
        5.3.8 Truck operation modes
        5.3.9 Truck display Display control buttons Main view of the truck display Hierarchy of the truck display menus
        5.3.10 Pedals Acceleration pedal and brake pedal Acceleration pedal, operator presence pedal and brake pedal Dual pedal and brake pedal Pedal functionalities
        5.3.11 Operator’s seat
        5.3.12 Motor, hydraulic system and electrical system Electric panel Hydraulic system Drive axle
        5.3.13 Lifting carriage Integrated sideshift carriage Integrated fork positioner with sideshift
        5.3.14 Mast
    6 Assembly and commissioning
        6.1 Assembly and commissioning
    7 Batteries
        7.1 Safety regulations concerning the handling of lead-acid batteries
        7.2 Battery maintenance
        7.2.1 Daily maintenance
        7.2.2 Weekly maintenance
        7.2.3 Monthly maintenance
        7.2.4 Annual maintenance
        7.3 Requirements for the battery recharging areas
        7.4 Recharge the battery
        7.5 Measure the specific gravity of the battery
        7.6 Acquire a new battery
        7.7 Replace the battery
        7.7.1 Replace the battery with the standard equipment
        7.7.2 Guide the battery cable
        7.7.3 Battery sideway exchange
    8 Before operation
        8.1 Daily checks before operation
        8.2 Adjust the arm rest
        8.2.1 Adjust the distance of the arm rest
        8.2.2 Adjust the height of the arm rest
        8.3 Adjust the operator’s seat
        8.3.1 Adjust the seat suspension according to the weight of the operator
        8.3.2 Adjust the backrest
        8.3.3 Adjust the seat distance
        8.3.4 Adjust the lumbar support
        8.3.5 Clean the operator’s seat
        8.3.6 Seat belt
        8.4 Adjust the steering wheel
        8.5 Before you start
    9 Operating instructions
        9.1 How to activate the truck
        9.1.1 Activate the truck with a PIN code
        9.1.2 Switch the truck off
        9.1.3 Program a new PIN code
        9.2 Brakes
        9.2.1 Service brake
        9.2.2 Parking brake
        9.3 How to operate the truck
        9.3.1 How to enter and exit the operator’s cabin
        9.3.2 Operating position
        9.3.3 Driving direction
        9.3.4 How to use the operating devices of the truck
        9.3.5 General operating instructions
        9.3.6 Traffic rules
        9.3.7 How to avoid accidents
        9.3.8 In case the truck turns over
        9.4 How to handle loads
        9.4.1 Lifting capacity
        9.4.2 How to stack
        9.4.3 How to unstack
        9.4.4 Broken pallets
        9.5 Speed
        9.6 How to stop the truck
        9.7 How to park the truck
    10 Maintenance
        10.1 Safety instructions for maintenance
        10.2 Daily maintenance
        10.3 Weekly maintenance
        10.4 Monthly maintenance
        10.5 Annual (or 1,000 h) maintenance
        10.6 Lubrication of the drive axle
        10.7 Lubricant recommendation
        10.7.1 Hydraulic oil
        10.7.2 Transmission oil
        10.7.3 Mast chains
        10.7.4 Mast channels
        10.8 Order spare parts
        10.9 Service operations
        10.9.1 Truck covers Open the cover of the hydraulic valve block Remove the pedal plate Remove the floor plate Open the battery door Open the battery cover Remove the back cover Remove the steering wheel cover Remove the control panel Remove the step cover Remove the side plate Remove the cup holder Remove the steering wheel front cover
        10.9.2 Location of the fuses in the electric panel
        10.10 Dangerous waste and disposal
        10.11 Maintenance check list
        10.12 Troubleshooting
    11 Transportation and storage
       11.1 Lifting points
       11.1.1 Jack points
       11.1.2 Hoist points
       11.2 How to tow the truck
       11.2.1 How to release the brake of the drive axle
       11.3 Transportation
       11.4 Storage
       11.4.1 Return the truck to operation
       11.5 Decommissioning
    12 Options
        12.1 Accessory clamp
        12.2 A4 size paper holder
        12.3 Smart backup alarm
        12.4 Road light kit
        12.4.1 Brake light
        12.5 Amber strobe
        12.6 Auto light switch
        12.7 Blue spot rear light
        12.8 Current output
        12.9 12 V connector
        12.10 Automated performance reduction based on lift height
        12.11 Tilt angle sensor / display status indication with FC
        12.12 Load weight indicator and overload warning system
        12.13 Operator’s seat options and accessories
        12.13.1 Arm rest
        12.13.2 Backrest extension for MSG65/MSG75 Backrest extension adjustment
        12.14 Fire extinguisher
        12.15 Battery sideway exchange tools
        12.15.1 Installation of the battery sideway exchange tool
        12.15.2 Replace the battery with the battery sideway exchange tools
        12.15.3 Guide the battery cable
        12.16 Rear view mirror
        12.17 External rear view mirrors
        12.18 Wide view mirror
        12.19 Dead angle mirror overview
        12.20 Hydraulic accumulator
    13 Technical specifications
        13.1 FB25N, FB25CN, FB30N, FB30CN and FB35N
        13.2 Mast heights
    14 EC Declaration of Conformity
    15 Index
    APPENDIX A: Stickers .
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