352 : Late Christmas gift express delivery - Starring Miss Iris

"Oh no, it's not possible! Still a parcel to deliver?
Miss Iris is on board of her old Fiat 500 when she receives the phone call of her boss, and she must rush and make the delivery of a late Christmas gift!

She quickly slips into her Santa Claus dress, and she tries to start the engine of the old 500... but this rusty and stubborn car doesn't want to cooperate at all!

Miss Iris insists by pumping the gas pedal with her red sexy shoes and barefeet also,  and after many attempts, she finally manages to leave for delivery!!
She thoroughly crushes the gas pedal.... the gift is very urgent and is already late!!

She drives through isolated country roads until she gets lost ... God, she took the wrong road!

Driving then at full speed in reverse, and arriving at a large roundabout, she finally manages to take the right path.... and the Christmas parcel is finally delivered!
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