“Report” Essay - Student Loan crisis

Write a report of 750-1,000 words. Follow the principles in Chapter 10 to write an effective report. Study the “Writing a Report” segment on pp. 205-212.
Audience: Your audience for this assignment is the entire ACC community – students, staff, faculty, and other people associated with or interested in the college. Imagine that your report may be published in a city newspaper or other media outlet. Write in third person point of view only.
Sources: You must use at least two sources, and you must accurately give credit for the information you use from those sources. Sources must be credible for academic use. No Wikipedia, eHow, about.com, etc.
Find sources with authors standing behind the information. Use our online library database, Google Scholar (do not use Google) or use the Library of Congress online database: http://catalog.loc.gov/ Review Chapters 21, 22, and 23 as needed.
Format: Prepare your essay in MLA style, which is covered in Chapter 24.
Critical Thinking
This essay must showcase critical thinking skills by including these elements:
Inquiry: Avoid jumping to conclusions. You should examine and question assumptions about why the subject is good or bad, why it is worthwhile or not worthwhile. You should critically examine your own opinions to make sure they are supportable by the evidence you gather.
Support: Develop a list of criteria that are appropriate for judging your subject. (See pages 237-38.) Use those criteria to support and explain the insights you share in your essay. Always refer to specific details and facts to show how the subject meets or fails to meet the criteria.
Synthesis: You must put your conclusions in context with the opinions and insights of other people. This is called synthesis, and it is covered in Chapter 21. You will need to consult outside sources. Your instructor will provide guidelines for appropriate and useful sources.
Conclusion: The judgment you express about your topic must be based on specific evidence and must be objectively supportable.
Deadlines and Submission Methods
Your instructor will advise you of draft and final deadlines. The instructor will direct you to submit the essay once for your class grade and separately for institutional assessment.
Grading Criteria
In addition to the general information provided in the syllabus, the following grading policies apply to this essay:
• Essays that are more than 10% outside the assigned word range will receive a 0 regardless of the quality of the work. When you check the word count of your essay, remember that headings, titles, and works cited pages do not count.
• Essays that are so riddled with grammatical and mechanical errors that a reader must struggle to understand the basic meaning of sentences will receive a failing grade regardless of the quality of the ideas.
• Essays that contain unsupported claims or that rely on disreputable research sources will be penalized by at least one letter grade. If you have questions about the credibility of a source, seek the instructor's approval well before the essay deadline.
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