Art of Tracy's Inverted Bob Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Brunette Tracy would like an inverted bob. Before we dive into the haircutting, we hear Tracy's hairstory, as she shows off her waist-long hair one last time. During the dry cut, done by James Williams, you'll see flashes of other hair models, in this three-part "Art of" series, where only one video camera was used.

Tracy wants "something different...jaw length." She bits her lip and confesses that she's "a little nervous." After a cape and neck strip, her hair is brushed out, put in three ponytails, and snipped them off with a scissors. "Oh my gosh. It's short!" Tracy takes a deep breathe as James wets her hair down before cutting it with a razor. While hair tumbles to the floor, Tracy looks like she regrets her haircuting decision. When asked what she's thinking, her reply is, "Shit." Breathe, Tracy, breathe, it's going to look great. Soon, the neck strip is removed and the cape undone, Tracy runs her hands through her hair, realizing that all of her hair isn't gone. Her hair given a quick blow dry, and when asked what Tracy was thinking, she said, "I'm really excited to see it."

Video duration: approx. 45 minutes, size 960x540, 1.73 GB
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