Managerial Report

During the global recession of 2008 and 2009, there were many accusations of unethical behavior by Wall Street executives, financial managers, and other corporate officers. At that time, an article appeared that suggested that part of the reason for such unethical business behavior may stem from the fact that cheating has become more prevalent among business students. The article reported that 86% of business students admitted to cheating at some time during their academic career as compared to 77% of non-business students. 

Cheating has been a concern of the dean of the College of Business at RockyUniversity for several years. Some faculty members in the college believe that cheating is more widespread at Rocky than at other universities, while other faculty members think that cheating is not a major problem in the college. To resolve some of these issues, the dean commissioned a study to assess the current ethical behavior of business students at Rocky. As part of this study, an anonymous exit survey was administered to a sample of 90 business students from this year’s graduating class. Responses to the following questions were used to obtain data regarding three types of cheating. 

During your time at Rocky, did you ever present work copied off the Internet as your own? Yes/No 

During your time at Rocky, did you ever copy answers off another student’s exam? Yes/No 

During your time at Rocky, did you ever collaborate with other students on projects that were supposed to be completed individually? Yes/No 

Any student who answered yes to one or more of these questions was considered to have been involved in some type of cheating. The complete data set is in the file named Rocky. 

Managerial Report 

Prepare a report (see below) for the dean of the college that summarizes your assessment of the nature of cheating by business students at RockyUniversity. Be sure to include the following seven (7) items in your report. 

1. To summarize the data, compute the proportion of all students, the proportion of all male students, and the proportion of all female students that presented
a. Work copied off the internet as their own
b. Copied answers off another student’s exam
c. Collaborated with other students on projects that were supposed to be completed individually. 

Then comment on your findings.
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