Cat Run Cycle Template

SEE THE ANIMATION HERE: All right I finally finished a template a long time in the making! (At least in my head) I draw a bunch of big cats, and I've already made a lion, so of course I had to do a house-kitty-cat at some point! I've seen a lot of cat run cycles across the internet, but I rarely see one that's really convincing. Well now that I've made one, I can tell why it's tricky! Horses and dogs are pretty easy, as they like running, and they're long-distance runners. Finding good reference for those is easy. But not cats! Cats are sprinters, and leapers. They stalk, burst into action, run for a few seconds (throwing in a leap here and there), they change direction fast - and it seems they're always running in uneven terrain. So finding reference of a cat running at a steady pace - almost impossible. So I made this, trying my best to make a cat running at a steady pace - not trotting, not leaping, but trying to get out that characteristic springy run cycle. It was tricky, but I think it worked out pretty well! And of course, you can use it! I tried to make it a more standard house cat, with short-ish fur and small/medium build. Thank you for buying this template, by doing so you support me as an animator! :aww: It's thanks to the people who have bought my other templates that I have been encouraged to keep making more of these, so thank you for making it possible! This cheap template can be used for pretty much anything! Reference sheets RPing Animation exercise Individual frames can be used in comics, series and such Reference Anything you can imagine! If you're in doubt, ask me! Do feel free to edit the template in any way you'd like, you could just colour it, or you could redraw the entire line-art to make it more your style, add hair, or change it's look however you'd like. It's yours to keep and do whatever you'd like to do with it! This download comes as a Zipped folder, and contains the following: 1 PSD file containing all frames as layers (arranged and ready for animating) 1 PNG-sequence (so you can use in other programs) If you're not sure how to use this, perhaps this quick tutorial can be helpful: Rules! The template can be used for any personal and non-commercial use. You can NOT use this template for the following: Commissions Redistribution (don't sell it or give it to anyone for free, or make it available to people to download for free or for your own earnings) :heart: You don't HAVE to credit me, but it would be super appreciated! Also if you let me know that you've used this template, I will add a link in this description so more people get to see it :) Thank you very much for buying the template, favouriting and sharing! By doing so you support my art, and allow me to make more :heart: :la:
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