concert ticket Solution

Create a design for a project to keep track of concert ticket sales for the University. Ticket prices are based on seating location and each location only has a certain number of seats that can be sold. Allow the user to buy a ticket by having them select a seating location and enter their name. Their name (last name) is to be associated with the number of tickets purchased. Below is the ticket distribution:

Seat Numbers Area Price

1-20 Orchestra 40

21-50 Mezzanine 25

51-90 General 15

91-140 Balcony 10

Your solution needs to use an array to keep track of all the ticket sales and a summary button needs to be able to show all the tickets that have been sold as well as the seats that are open.

Design a solution and submit the following design artifacts as your assignment solution:

- Interface Design

- Controls and properties and their values

- pseudo code and flow charts that depict the logic you are going to implement
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