And the Muse gave me Vision 12/2/16 Performance

Chapman University Fall Dance Concert 

And the Muse gave me Vision 12/2/2016 Performance

Choreographer: Sean Greene

Music: The Chopin Project by Ólafur Arnalds and Alice Sara Ott
Original music by Zac Greenberg

Lighting: Karyn Lawrence

Costumes: Kathryn Wilson

Dancers: Jonah Almanzar, Cristina Escobar, Quinn Foster, Courtney Lapenta, McKell Lemon, Chris Marks, Sean McElaney, Cristina McKeever, Madeline Robertson, Eugenia Rodriguez, Aaron Woo, Courtney Zelter

Understudies: Aika Doone, Brooke Mountain, Kaylee Richards, Shea Saulino
Special thanks to Auguste Rodin and my Choreographer's Assistant and Muse, Natalie Harber

You will be downloading 1080p .m4v file that is compatible with most mobile devices and computers. The file size is over 300mb and may take several minutes depending on your internet speed.
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