ENG 295 Week 1 Electronic Reserve Readings

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 ENG 295 Week 1 Electronic Reserve Readings

This week’s Electronic Reserve Readings provide context for deeper understanding of this week’s selections of verse, poetry, and nonsense readings. Learn more about the biographies of some of this week’s authors, components of poetry, as well as the meanings of classic lullabies.

Read the following on this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings page:




“Hush-A-Bye Baby: Death and Violence in the Lullaby” by Marina Warner


“The Forgotten Genre of Children’s Poetry” by Sharon Ruth Gill


“Playing with Poetry” from Scholastic Parent and Child


“Introduction: Story and Verse” from Why Lyrics Last


“And Down Will Come Baby” by Rivka Galchen


“Nursery Rhymes” by New Princeton Encyclopedia & Poetics


“Mother Goose” by Clifton Fadiman


“Poetry” by Sheila A. Egoff


“Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)” from Dictionary of Women Worldwide


Christina Rossetti and Illustration, Ch. 3: Books for Children, pp. 91-126


“Robert Browning” from Britannica Academic


“Edward Lear” from Encyclopedia of World Biography


“A Book of Nonsense” by J. R. Holmes


“Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898)” by P. L. Heath


The Edinburgh Companion to Robert Louis Stevenson edited by Penny Fielding, Ch. 3: Child Psychology
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