Still Fork Truck R70-20 bis 45 Series: R7012-R7016, R7023, R7024, R7041-R7043 Workshop Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual for Still Fork Truck  R70-20, -25, -30, -35, -40, 45 Series.

Original factory manuals for Still Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 307 Pages
Language: English


01. Chassis Frame and Counterweight
02. Steer  Axle
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Steer Axle - Construction
    Steer Axle removal & installation
    Wheel Hub - Removal & Dismantling
    Wheel Hub - Reassembling and Installation
    Checking the steering angles
    Wheel angle stop adjustment
    Stub axle removal and installation
    Track rod and steer cylinder bearing at stub axle
    Track rod bearing on steering bell crank
    Steer cylinder mounting at axle beam
    Bell crank mounting
03. Power Axle
    Technical Data for Maintenance service
    Power Axle / Description
    Spur-type reduction gearbox / Sectional view
    Power axle removal and installation
    Wheel hub removal and installation
    Half -shaft removal and installation
04. Wheels and Tyres
06.  Steering
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Steering - Operation
    Steering unit removal
    Steering unit installation
    Checking the hydraulic oil pressure
    Steer cylinder - Dismantling
    Steer cylinder - Reassembling
    Priority valve
    Repairing or cleaning the priority valve
07. Hydraulic-Servo-Brake
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Mechanical configuration
    Operation of automatic adjuster
    Brake shoe replacement and basic adjustment
    Turning out the inside diameter of the brake drums
    on a lathe in the event of wear
    Master cylinder
    Parkingbrake adjustment
08. Electrical Installation
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Mechanical configuration of electrical installation
    General description, Method of operation
    Testing the insulation resistance (earthing)
    Driving controls
    - Keyswitch
    - Directional control switch
    - Electronic start delay unit
    - Instrument panel
    - Warning horn / Horn button
    -Travel sender unit
    - Foot brake switch / Parking brake switch
    Current sensor
    Speed (rpm) sensor
    Starter batteries
    Truck wiring
    Contactor panel assembly
    - Contactor
    - Logic card 'drive control'
    - Power board (or unit)
    Pc.b. 'servomotor'
    Servomotor injection pump
    Angle of rotation sensor, hydraulics
10. Hydraulic System
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Operation of Lift and Tilt Hydraulics
    Directional Contol Valve block complete
    with operating levers
    Directional Control Valve block
    Directional Control Valve block
    Directional Control Valve block
    Directional Control Valve
    Directional Control Valve
    Directional Control Valve
    Directional Control Valve block
    Directional Control Valve block
    Anti-cavitation Valve
    Hydraulic Pump
    Hydraulic Pump Drive
    Hydraulic Tank
    Hydraulic Tank
    Return Line Filter
    Hydraulic fittings & unions
    Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
11. Drive Motor
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Drive motor, construction
    Wiring diagram
    Neutral plane or zone
    Posisiton of motor terminals
    Inspecting and changing the motor brushes
    Brush spring tension
    Drive motor removal
    Drive motor installation
    Drive motor - Dismantling
    Drive motor reassembly
    Generator, type
    Wiring diagram
    Neutral plane or zone
    Position of generator terminals
    Inspecting and changing the carbon brushes
    Brush spring tension
    Generator removal
    Generator installation
    Generator- Dismantling
    Generator reassembly
    External fan cooling
    Fan removal
    Fan installation
    Adjusting V-belt tension
    Replacing the V-belt
    Clean air filter
    Fan - Dismantling
    Fan - Reassembling
    Thermal monitoring
    Thermal switch in drive motor
    Operation of the thermal switch
    Checking the thermal switch
    Checking temperature warni ng light as well as the leads
    in the truck
    Changing the thermal switch
    General hints
    Insulation resistance
    Measuring insulation resistance
    Turning down the commutator a lathe
    Minimum permissible commutator diameter
    Undercutting the mica
13. Pressure Regulator Unit I and II 
    Pressure Regulator Unit I and II - Operation
    Pressure Regulator Unit
    Pressure limiting valve
    Pressure gauge
    Directional control valve block
    Fitting restrictors
    Pressure limiting for sideshift clamps
15. Diesel Engine-  relating to Mercedes-Benz Diesel engine
    Technical Data
    Diesel engine removal and installation
    Cooling fan
    Fuel system
    Exhaust gas system
    Air filtering system
    Diesel generator set/Lubrication system
    Diesel generator set/Cooling system
    Excerpt from the original MB Workshop manual covering engine model OM 601
    Contents relating to MB engine
    Section view MB - OM 601
    Testing compression pressure
    Remilling prechamber sealing surface
    Removing, installing prechambers
    Removing, installing cylinder head
    Removing and installing vibration damper and hub
    Renewing front crankshaft radial seal
    Testing timing of camshaft
    Removing and installing camshaft
    Renewing timing chain
    Removing, installing chain tensioner
    Removing, installing tensioning rail
    Removing, installing injection nozzles
    Setting start of delivery (after testing)
    Removing, installing injection pump
    Removing, installing V-belt
    Removing, installing V-belt tensioning device
    Removing, installing coolant pump
    Removing, installing thermostat
20. Elevating mast
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Mast types / Removal of mast
    Telescopic mast
    Hi-Lo mast
    Triple mast
    Carriage stops
    Support rollers
    Guide rollers
    Hoist cylinders
    Lowering valve
    Line failure safety device
22. Fork carriage
23. Fork arm
24. Mast pivots
25. Tilt cylinder
S-D. Diagnostic instructions
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