SharePoint Server 2016 Config Guide Only

Configuring SharePoint 2016 – Video 6

For this video the premium PDF guide provides you with step-by-step instructions for configuring SharePoint 2016. This is written in the same format as a Hands On Lab would be for a training class. Each step is numbered and the primary action is bolded. Also, screenshots are provided as necessary to provide optimal clarity. You can view an example page from the guide at 

Additionally, there are premium PowerShell scripts. They are provided to avoid you having to type in any of the PowerShell you see in the video. You run the script (PS1 files) and you are prompted for any information necessary and then the script runs.

Finally, because creating users in Active Directory can be tedious and boring you are provided with both a script to create the users and a CSV file that you can modify. This way if you want to add additional users for testing you just update the CSV and run the script again.

The files included in this package are:
SharePoint 2016 Configuration Guide.PDF

The PDF then has a link to download the file. In that zip file you will get:
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