JERHOAM | Will of the Ego and Will of the Soul

In this profound recording, Jerhoam explains the difference - and often conflict - between the Will of the Ego (or personality) and the Will of the Soul. The Will of the Ego is frequently mistaken for "free will". The Will of the Soul is patient, it observes and does so in the present moment. The Will of the Soul is not attached to the linear time unfoldment. However, the Will of the Ego is very wrapped up in linear time - especially the past. Jerhoam explains that if you can allow the Will of the Soul (the Will of God) to manifest through you (the Will of the Ego/Personality), then you will create a most profound and beautiful life of learning, understanding, peacefulness, love, and experience the ultimate peace of mind. Jerhoam teaches that it is very possible for each of us to enlighten in this lifetime.

Approximately 45 minutes (1 MP3 file).

Please note that these are unedited, live recordings.
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