Dispire 1K Pack

Thank you for all of the support, I made this pack for you guys to celebrate my 1000 followers on twitter. I hope you will like it and have fun with the pack, please keep in mind ALL of these effects are self made so please do not go on and add this to your own graphics pack. If you do and I find out there will be consequences, eitherway lets not focus on the bad stuff and hope you will enjoy this pack and have fun with it!

This pack contains:

- Trees
- Eye Glitter
- Clouds
- Grass
- Glowing effects
- Sword  Swipes
- Tablet lines
- Text lines
- Mobs & Enemies
- Splash paints
- Lightning effects

If there is anything wrong with the pack or if there's a mistake, please do not refrain to give me a message.

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