Convert Arabic Numerals to Roman

In this assignment, your task is to write a program the converts Arabic numerals (the kind we usually
use) to Roman numerals. Your program should be able to handle integers between 1 (the Romans had
no way to represent zero, negative, or decimal numbers) and 3999. You should display an error
message for numbers outside of this range. Allow the user to continue converting values until the enter
-1 to quit. The code for doing the conversion should be contained within a method with the following
public static String arabicToRoman(int arabic);
Part of the task of writing good code that is often overlooked in school is testing your code in a logical
way. When you test code, it is important to have tests that cover each of the following situations:
• normal case – a standard instance of the problem that tests the basic operation on normal inputs
• invalid case – tests that the program responds appropriately to various types of invalid inputs
• boundary case – a tricky instance of the problem that tests the operation on inputs that have to
be handled in a special way
At the bottom of your code in this assignment, include a comment that explains your test plan – the
inputs you chose for each case, why you chose them, and the results produced by your program. Do
NOT write a description of your development or debugging process. Instead, provide a list of normal,
invalid, and boundary test cases and the expected results.
Roman Numerals
1 I
5 V
10 X
50 L
100 C
500 D
1000 M
The Romans thought it would be easier to read if they did not have the same numeral four times in a
row, so instead of IIII, the number 4 is written IV. Similarly, 9 is written IX instead of VIIII. 99 is
Please see Wikipedia if you need more information about Roman numerals.
Hint: If you can get your program to produce the Roman numerals, but you are having trouble with the
rule about not having four of the same character in a row, you might want to consider using the
replaceAll method of the String class to search for the invalid patterns and replace them with the
correct pattern.
Sample output:
Enter an integer (-1 to quit): 14
Enter an integer (-1 to quit): -2
The Romans did not have a way to represent negative numbers or zero.
Enter an integer (-1 to quit): -1
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