IDEA 2004 was created to ensure that children with disabilities are able to receive an equal opportunity in receiving a public education. I do believe this act has made great strides and accomplished their goal. Today, special education classrooms have teachers that are trained to help and teach children with disabilities. Even though IDEA 2004 has been modified multiple times, it is still able to make sure these special education students receive the best education possible.

            Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was put in place to help those who were not able to be served under the IDEA 2004 act. Section 504 tends to be more flexible, meaning there is less specific criteria in the requirements. This leads to schools off special education students less assistance and monitoring. Under IDEA 2004, a child is expected to meet specific criteria. There is more parental participation, as well as required written consent in due process procedures, whereas Section 504 does not require parental consent for due process (Counsel for Exceptional Children, 2004).
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