Flesh Tones: Issue 2

Comic Buzz's Best Comic of 2016!
Chosen By The Reviewer Vixen Nine Tails!

Dark Pond Creations Award Winning Anthology Returns With It's Second Installment.


Crimson Dusk by Katy-Anne
A small town awakens to find it is Halloween night.  Decorations.  Costumes.  Trick and treaters are all out as far as the eye can see so a young girl going for a walk during the festivities should be normal, shouldn't it?  With the macabre, spooky feeling in the air only time will tell.

Always Follow Your Heart by Patrick Scattergood / Stephane Cote
After the ending of a party held by a wealthy friend, a woman decides to walk home instead of using her driver.  A lovely night, a bustling city but with most things, the night can bring out the worst in people.  So when a mugger decides that she will be his next victim, little does he know that he has certainly bitten off more  than he can chew.

The Black Dog in the Dog by Patrick Scattergood / Luke Cooper
A personal and haunting story told from the point of view of a man that has lost it all.  No lover, no family, no friends and no hope.  Slowly he spirials in to a dark spin of depression and dark thoughts but will he make it through the night?
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