Capella BUS-FP4124 Assessment Assignment 2.DOCX

Capella BUS-FP4124 Assessment Assignment 2

Write a 1–3-page paper that explains each stage in the consumer buying process. State which stage you feel is the most critical and why.

The following stages comprise the consumer-buying process:

1.      Need recognition.

2.      Search for product information.

3.      Product evaluation.

4.      Product choice and purchase.

5.      Post-purchase use and evaluation of product.

6.      Disposal of the product.

Additional Requirements
·         Include a title page and a references page.

·         Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.

·         Include a minimum of three research resources.

·         Follow APA guidelines for style and formatting.

·         Ensure your finished assessment is 1–3 pages in length, excluding the title page and references page.
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