Expert Answers

Expert Answers

What challenges do you expect to face teaching students with special needs? What skills or experiences do you have that will help ensure academic achievement for your students? (150-250 words)

Teachers in low-income communities often face challenges such as poor student attendance, limited parental involvement, and low literacy rates. How do you define academic success for students in low-income communities? How does a student's socio-economic status impact their potential for academic success? (150 words)

Do you believe you will be successful in ensuring high academic achievement for all students coming from low-income communities? Why or why not? Describe any experience (including experience working with low income populations) and/or skills that will help you overcome these challenges. (150-250 words)

What are some likely causes of the off task behavior and what action steps would you take to determine these causes?

 Explain two ways you would address the student's low academic performance. To what extent do you believe these strategies will be successful?
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