Write a Java program

Write a Java program

Write a Java program that meets the following requirements.

1. The mean of a list of numbers is its arithmetic average. The median of a list is its middle value when the values are placed in order. For example, if a list contains 1, 4, 7, 8, and 10, then the mean is 6 and the median is 7. Write an application that allows you to enter five integers and displays the values, their mean, and their median. Save the file as MeanMedian.java

2. Revise the MeanMedian class so that the user can enter any number of values up to 20. If the list has an even number of values, the median is the numeric average of the values in the two middle positions. Save the file as MeanMedian2.java

3. Now, modify the program to throw an exception if an entered value is not an integer. If an exception is thrown, display an appropriate message and allow the user to reenter the value.

Save the file as MeanMedianHandleException.java

Ability to:

 Follow established programming conventions for writing java programs

 Create appropriate variables for the data.

 Create an int array.

 Calculate the mean and median of numbers entered.

 Able to correctly use a try…catch block.

 Able to use for loops 

 Able to write IF statements.
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