voxel plugin™ PRO

Available for Unreal Engine 4.18 & 4.19

Create infinite volumetric worlds and edit in realtime using the fastest voxel technology available

  • Fully volumetric and entirely destructible terrain

  • Infinite worlds with seamless LODs

  • Ultra smooth edits: up to 50 times per second on a single chunk

  • VR Ready: everything is done in background threads, allowing for a constant 90fps

  • Up to 256 materials, with smooth transitions

  • Complete Blueprint interface

  • Easy to use custom graph system to create your own worlds

  • Multiplayer

  • Importers: import from meshes, heightmaps, landscapes, MagicaVox, 3D Coat and splines

  • Voxel Physics: enable physics on floating voxel blocks

  • Grass and Voxel Actors

  • Pro Support

  • Unlimited commercial usage

Website: https://voxelplugin.com
Support: https://discord.gg/58ZqEbg
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