162 : Miss Iris damsel hostess in distress at the airport

Miss Iris is a hostess and she is heading work. Dressed with a light blue hostess suit and black heels, with her beloved Beetle, she has to go to the airport, park the car and try not to miss the flight! 

She is searching for a parking spot for her red Beetle, but her car doesn't want to be parked and left there! So it stalls ever few meters just to make Iris late and angry!   

She has to concentrate to find a parking spot quick, but she has also to handle the stubborn Beetle engine!    She fights so much with her feet on the pedals to keep the engine alive, but the beetle doesn't want to be parked, and when it stalls she has to pump so hard on the gas with her heels to try to restart the engine!   

The more the engine stalls, the harder is for her to restart it! Finally she parks the car and goes to work, but when she comes back to take the car and go home .. the same problems occur !!  

After a few failed attempts she tries to remain calm, she doesn't want to flood the engine so she gets out of the car, practice some shoeplay, look at the engine to see if something is wrong, and then …. what follows is several minutes of cranking and shoe play again !! 

Will the Beetle finally starts for her?
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