Monique's Special Shampoo - VOD Digital Video on Demand Download

In this mostly silent film, Monique grabs a neck strip, takes a seat, and ties the neck strip around her neck and unfolds the black cape. The cape covers her blouse, purple skirt, and partially covers her black pantyhose. She then pours water from the pitcher over her hair, bending over forward, so the back of her head is wet first. Apple scented shampoo is used to bring a nice lather before Monique decides to rinse it out. Since there is no more water in the pitcher, she pulls on the shower cord. But instead of water like she expected, chocolate syrup pours down! Shrugging her shoulders, she begins shampooing her hair with chocolate. When her hair is thoroughly coated, she tries again for a water rinse. Green slime? You can hear the slime slosh and slide off her cape. Does Monique's shampoo cape keep her clothing dry? Maybe we should do our own Consumer Reports testing on shampoo capes in just this fashion. Duration 19 minutes, screen size 640x480, .wmv formatĀ 
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