Advacned Feeble Minecraft Rig (Version 1) (OLD)

Rig Features:
- 1.8 skin (MUST USE 1.8 SKIN FORMAT)
- Mesh & Subdivsions
- 3 diffrent bend presets
- ankle feet
- Customizable face options
- 2nd Layer
- Customizable Cape options
- Customizable Jacket options
- Extrude mode

YOU CAN NOT send this rig to anyone or anything and you may NOT leak this rig.
YOU CAN use this rig for speed arts,graphic designs, animations, ect..

If you see ANYONE with a video/link of this rig being leaked/cracked PLEASE report it to me ASAP

Skype: dabossfeeble (username)

Thank you

Now, have fun :)